Just download the “Cotton Crew JOBS – Find Yacht Work” app and create an account. Once logged-in, complete a short survey of all your experience and skills (in an easy check-box format), upload your CV, and include photos of food or table settings. You can then search our list of posted jobs, and apply with one touch! You will also start to receive alerts for new jobs that match your profile. Check if your application has been reviewed by the captain and manage all jobs within the app.

Download the “Cotton Crew JOBS” app from the Apple App Store.

  1. Using your phone, tap the App Store icon
    2. Tap Search
    3. In the search box, type “Cotton Crew Jobs”
    4. Tap Search
    5. From the results, tap the Cotton Crew Jobs icon (GREEN ICON).
    6. Tap INSTALL to download the app. You may be required to enter your App Store password.

When installation is complete, INSTALL will change to OPEN. Tap OPEN to set up or access your Cotton Crew Jobs account and start browsing and applying for nearby jobs.

Creating a Cotton Crew account requires a valid email address and phone number. You’ll also need to create a password and agree to terms and conditions and our privacy statement.

Fill in your first and last name, phone number, country (country code that matches your phone number), email address and choose a profile picture.

Next, select your Qualifications & Skills. Select the relevant position, experience, nationality, language, skills, and certificates. You can always edit this section later from the PROFILE section in the main menu.

Complete the About ME section by including details to encourage captains to hire you. This is your brief summary and should include any additional information such as specific jobs you’re looking for or any other relevant experience not included in the Qualifications & Skills section. This is a great section to help you stand out!

Finish by uploading a pdf of your CV (see “UPLOADING DOCUMENTS” for further instructions on uploading your CV). ** This CV will be downloadable for Captains, so make sure it’s up to date. Don’t know where to start? Read our CV guide here

Optional: You can add up to 4 photos that represents your skills such as food photos (for chefs), table settings and floral (stewardesses), deck projects or driving a tender (for deck crew), fishing, diving etc.

– All CVs should be uploaded in a PDF format
– Make sure your CV is up to date and includes: Full name, nationality, passport expiration date, email and phone number
– Include all references from previous jobs (no references will hurt your chances of hire)

– To get the PDF file onto your phone, from your desktop, email yourself a copy of the PDF CV
– Open the email and file from your phone
– Select the “share” option, and select the IMPORT WITH iBOOKS option
– Once you’ve saved it in iBooks, you’ll be able to access the PDF on your phone!

– You can add up to 4 photos that represents your skills, these will appear on your profile page when captains review you for a job
– Sample portfolio ideas: food photos (for chefs), table settings and floral (stewardesses), deck projects or driving a tender (for deck crew), fishing, diving etc , yoga or fitness (if you’re a trained professional)

Cotton Crew Jobs will allow you to browse all nearby jobs based on your specific position and skillset. Here’s how to browse and apply:

  1. Log into the Cotton Crew Jobs App
    2. On the home screen, select the “BROWSE JOBS” option
    3. Tap each job posting to review job information (type, rates, location, start date, description)
    4. If interested, tap APPLY
    5. Your profile details will be sent to the captain for review

That’s it! Captains will contact you either via the app chat or directly on email or phone.

Captains/Hiring Manager will be able to send you a chat message via the app. These messages will appear in your CHATS page from the main menu options. You will be able to send responses only when the captain is online.

Unfortunately, all chats must be initiated by the captain. Captains/Hiring Managers can also choose to contact you directly on email or phone listed on your CV.

Cotton Crew recommends checking-in daily to remain at the top of the list so captains know you’re available. Another way to boost your profile is to request references from previous captains and employers who will be able to provide star-ratings and reviews. Use the convenient in-app tool to add references and check when they’ve been completed!

You can always switch your app to “not available” using the toggle on the home screen to prevent your profile from showing up in the captain’s search results. You can still review job postings and apply to job listings directly in the app.

We believe that we can connect crew with captains who are looking for crew any time of day, therefore giving you access to jobs you won’t be able to find the traditional way dockwalking, job posting sites, or Facebook. Our app is incredibly simple and easy to use, and with job status updates you’ll never be guessing if the job has been filled or reviewed by the captain!

If you already have a job or no longer want to appear in captain’s search results, tap “not available” toggle at the bottom of the home screen of the Cotton Crew Jobs App.

– Open the main menu in the top corner of the app
– Navigate to the PROFILE tab (top circle with profile photo)

From here, you can update your name, email address, phone number, password and profile photo.

To reset your password, go to your profile page in the app and change your password. If you’re logged out, click on “forgot password” and within minutes you should receive an email inviting you to reset your password.

For security reasons, you should choose a unique password for Cotton Crew and never share your password in any correspondence.

If you continue to have trouble accessing your account, please let us know at subject heading “PASSWORD RESET”

If your account requires additional verification, it may be suspended. As a result, you’ll be unable to sign into your account too accept new jobs.

If your account has been suspended, please let us know at subject heading “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED”

Please provide:
– the phone number and email address on your Cotton Crew account
– a picture of your photo ID in the same name as your account

This additional security measure is an important step to keep the system safe and your account secure.

If you’re trying to change your email or mobile number on an existing account but receiving an ‘already registered’ error, please email us your correct information at with subject heading “CHANGE MOBILE/EMAIL”

If you’re trying to sign up for a new Cotton Crew account and finding that your email address or mobile number is already registered, it’s possible that another account incorrectly has your information associated with it. NOTE: If you’ve already signed up for a Cotton Crew Hire Account with the same email address, you must use a separate email for your Cotton Crew Jobs Account.

If you don’t currently have a Cotton Crew account, please let us know at so that we may look into it.

If you’re not receiving emails from Cotton Crew, please check your email account’s “Spam” or “Junk” folders to ensure the message was not filtered.

Also verify that your email address is listed correctly on your account by visiting your PROFILE photo icon in the main menu of the app.

If you’re still not receiving messages from us, please confirm your email address and we’ll be happy to assist at

All Cotton Crew accounts must have an email address and verified mobile number associated with the account in order to accept jobs.

If you’re trying to change your email or mobile number on an existing account but receiving an ‘already registered’ error, please email us your correct information at with subject heading “CHANGE MOBILE/EMAIL”

If you suspect that someone has accessed or is using your Cotton Crew account without authorization, your account may be compromised.

Indications of a compromised account include:
– seeing job applications in your history when you did not apply
– your account information being changed without your knowledge
– being unable to sign into your account or the email address that was on your account is no longer found.

Please change your password in PROFILE from the menu and confirm your information immediately. Create a new and unique password for your Cotton Crew account.

Contact us at to provide info so that we can investigate and help.

When sending a reference request, each referring captain will rate your performance on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest).

Ratings are always reported as averages and will appear on your public profile on the Cotton Crew Hire app.

You may learn your average rating by emailing with subject heading “WHAT’S MY RATING”

To sign out of the Cotton Crew app on iOS:
1. Select SETTINGS from the menu.
2. Tap Log Out.
3. Tap YES to confirm.

If you need time to edit your profile or are not ready to start looking for a job, be sure to change your status to “not available” by tapping the status toggle at the bottom of the home screen. When you are ready to apply to jobs, tap “available” and the toggle should be green to indicate you are available.

Yes. However, you must have a separate email address for the Crew (JOBS) account that is different from the Captain (HIRE) account. You can still sign up using the same phone number, but the email address must be unique.

Cotton Crews has 2 versions: HIRE app (Blue logo) for captains and hiring managers and a JOBS app (Green logo) for yacht crew looking for work. These apps are downloaded and used separately.

To get hired for a yacht job, use the Cotton Crew JOBS app. To find local crew to hire, use the Cotton Crew HIRE app.

If your app displays the “available/not available” toggle at the bottom of your home screen, you may be using the crew version, Cotton Crew JOBS app by mistake.

If you’d like to hire crew as a captain or manager, please download Cotton Crew HIRE. *NEEDS LINK

To delete your account, please email us at with subject heading “DELETE ACCOUNT” and provide details why you wish to delete. While we’ll be sad to see you go, we can take care of this process for you.

Please note that once your account is deleted, we won’t be able to help review or make adjustments for past issues.

Occasionally, Cotton Crew will run promotions in the form of limited issue promo codes. Promo codes will appear in the PROMOTIONS tab in the app, sent by email, or posted in social media, and subject to terms and conditions. You can add the promo code during the payment process in the promo code field.