2ND STEW 49M – JOBS APP #1731

POSITION: Need a 2nd STEW for a 49M private/charter, foreign flag vessel. Stew needs to have charter experience, local to Asia, and speak clear English. Malaysia/Thailand cruising knowledge is a plus. Vessel is on Dockwise and due to arrive into Singapore in the first week in August. Owners are from that region. Boat will do 10 days in the yard upon arrival then travel to Thailand/Malaysia then depart for 10-week owners trip. Base is Langkawi Yacht Club for private use. Owners/guests are heavy divers. Guests will include political figures and high profile clientele. For charter, the boat will be based in Phuket. Prior to joining the boat crew will quarantine for 2 weeks. This is a new boat owner with a new crew being assembled!
DURATION: Permanent
REQUIREMENTS: English, Passport, STCW, ENG1, non smoker, healthy and a clean background check. Tattoos may be acceptable, please advise if you have any visible tattoos.
START DATE/LOCATION: August 2020, Singapore
**Please do not apply until you’ve thoroughly read this job description and understand the start date/requirements/and passport type needed!