POSITION: Need a DECK/STEW for a 37M sailing program! Vessel is private and foreign flagged. Looking for Deck/Stew with 2 full seasons experience and a strong sailing background. Yacht master is preferred but not required. Candidates need to be hard working and flexible – happy to pitch in where required. Prefer someone fit and active and a true non smoker. The more experience/knowledge of deck maintenance the better. 2-week quarantine will be required prior to joining.
ITINERARY: California – TBD due to covid
DURATION: Permanent
REQUIREMENTS: US Passport/Green Card or B1B2 in hand, STCW, ENG1, non smoker, healthy and a clean background check. Tattoos may be acceptable, please advise if you have any visible tattoos.
START DATE/LOCATION: August 2020, California
SALARY:  $3500/month
**Please do not apply until you’ve thoroughly read this job description and understand the start date/requirements/and passport type needed!