POSITION: Need an US ESTATE CHEF for a private home in Palm Beach, FL. Schedule is Wednesday through Sunday with approximate hours 9am-8pm daily. Mrs is looking for someone who is FLEXIBLE. Chef will be responsible for lunch and dinner for their 5 days on in addition to the advance prep food for the 2 days off. Mrs lives alone and has 5 total staff, including chef – no pets. Food preference is HEALTHY with light meats and a lot of vegetables. Lunch is always prepared for Mrs and staff. On average, Mrs holds 1 lunch per week at the home with guests. She works from home, so business lunch/dinners are also possible. Both lunch and dinner will be expected to be plated and served. Beyond food pref, chef is responsible for provisioning. minor errands, and keeping a very clean kitchen. Looking for someone who takes pride in their work, peaceful, smart, hardworking, nice and good mannered. Benefits stipend and vacation will be provided. Salary is non negotiable and MUST live off premises. Note, all staff in the home are female. Staff car is provided
DURATION: Permanent
REQUIREMENTS: US Passport/Green Card, non smoker, healthy and a clean background check. Tattoos may be acceptable, please advise if you have any visible tattoos.
START DATE/LOCATION: August 2020 – Palm Beach, FL
SALARY: $5500/month
**Please do not apply until you’ve thoroughly read this job description and understand the start date/requirements/and passport type needed!