Yacht Staffing Is Going Mobile

West Palm Beach, FL:  For Immediate Release

Cotton Crews announced they have acquired Crew Compass Hire App and Crew Compass Jobs App.  Cotton Crews saw a need to streamline the hiring process and felt Crew Compass had a great product. Cotton Crews bought the Apps and has been revamping the current product to launch Cotton Crew HIRE app and Cotton Crew JOBS app, both free to download.
Cotton Crew HIRE app will allow captains and managers to search crew by position, years of experience, qualifications and several other features. On the Cotton Crew HIRE app, captains and managers can easily post a job with just a few taps and start receiving available candidates. The app will also give yachts easy access to dayworkers in their area. Cotton Crew HIRE is available 24-7.

Cotton Crew JOBS app will connect yacht crew with captains and hiring managers in real time. On the app, Crew can easily build a profile within minutes, get instant job alerts, and never miss an opportunity. Cotton Crew JOBS is also available 24-7.

“Cotton Crews now offers an exciting opportunity to strengthen and expand its current placement process” explains Lauren Cotton, founder and president of Cotton Crews.  “The Cotton Crew HIRE app will allow captains and managers to hire crew faster and smarter. The Cotton Crew JOBS app makes finding the right job easy.”

Crew Compass will continue its mission to help new yacht crew enter the industry through free email courses, e-book, and yacht CV design services while supporting the Cotton Crews expansion through the app acquisition.

Crew Compass founder and CEO Hana Jung says, “Cotton Crews is a true leader in crew placement, and I am proud to support their excellence in innovation as they continue to push the boundaries of hiring through technology.”
Cotton Crews says they will still operate their boutique placement and rename it the Cotton Crew Club. The Cotton Crew Club will provide custom crew solutions by personalizing the hiring process. The Club gains access to placement specialist who individually reviews CV’s, checks references, coordinates interviews and helps the hiring process to the end. This is how Cotton Crews has been operating for 5 years and the Cotton Crew HIRE and Cotton Crew JOBS apps will be an expansion of the brand.

Cotton Crews also houses over 200 crew members in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Lauren Cotton says, “At the end of the day, we are passionate about people and connecting them to their dream job”.
Cotton Crew HIRE app and Cotton Crew JOBS are currently available on Apple iTunes and Google Play store. For more information visit the company website www.Cottoncrews.com

Crew Compass provides free online resources for aspiring and existing yacht crew on their website www.crewcompassapp.com

Contact Info
Name: Lauren Cotton
Address: PO Box 2621 Palm Beach, FL 33480
Phone: +1 561.410.5544