Landing your first job in yachting can be tough, so we’ve laid out some tips to make it a little easier.

  • First things first don’t just be on time, be early! The last thing you want is to keep the captain or whoever it is interviewing you waiting, that will give the impression you don’t value their time.
  • Your appearance is also very important, like they always say “first impressions stick!” Make sure you are looking your best, always have your hair brushed and clean, pressed clothes for the interview. Do not show up after a big night out smelling like a distillery, that’s the quickest way to get a bad reputation in the industry. If you are unsure what to wear it is always safe to wear a clean white polo and khaki shorts or skort for girls.
  • You may also want to prepare a list of questions for the interviewer about the position and the expectations of the captain/owners. This is a good way to show initiative and prove that you take your career very serious.
  • Most importantly wear a big smile and be yourself, the interviewer will want to see your personality above all else!