How to Interview and Land your first job in yachting!

Landing your first job in yachting can be tough, so we’ve laid out some tips to make it a little easier. First things first don’t just be on time, be early! The last thing you want is to keep the captain or whoever it is interviewing you waiting, that will give the impression you don’t value their time. Your appearance is also very important, [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to fit in with your Crew

Good crew moral is essential for any yacht to run smoothly. Some captains would even say that the crew getting along with each other is top on their priority list. It can be challenging to get along with everyone you’re working with considering the tight quarters, months at sea and varying cultures and backgrounds of other crew members. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts [...]

What to expect on your first charter: A day in the life of a stew

No matter what boat you’re working on, some things will always be the same when you’re a stewardess on a charter yacht. For example, be prepared to always start your day early and finish late.  If there’s one thing charter guests know how to do its keep the interior team busy. Be prepared to have quick dinners and even quicker lunches. For a typical [...]