So You Want to be a Yachtie…

The first question most yachties hear when they tell someone what they do for a living is, “How did you find that job?” The yachting industry is very small and demands a lot so you should definitely know what you’re getting yourself into!

Making the Move

You’re probably wondering, “Do I really need to pack my things and move just to interview for a job?” The answer in the yachting world is no doubt, YES! Yachting is a very small industry and it only peeks its head in certain areas.

The four specific areas where you have the best luck making your debut are:

Ft. Lauderdale




Palma de Mallorca



Rhode Island

These yachting hubs are among the best to find the resources (such as a crew agency) to help you find your place in yachting. Most cases, you will only be living in these areas for a month or two, assuming you find a position rather quickly, so let us introduce you to something called a Crew House!

Documents for Days

Getting your documents in order is a crucial step once you make that move to start your yachting career. Your STCW should be first on the list. This is a 5 day course that will cover different elements of that are essential to yachting.

These include: