Yacht Crew Expectations

Some tips and obligations you should be prepared to adhere to while applying for positions and when attending interviews.

CV Preparation:

A CV is the first impression the captain or crew agent gets of you and it is important to make sure yours is organized and contains relevant information.

This includes your:

  • Personal information (name, recent photo, nationality, languages spoken, birth date, passport/visa, tattoos/health, email address, telephone number, home address, current location)
  • Objectives
  • Certificates
  • Employment History:
    • For yachts – name, size, position, and duration of employment
    • Land based – if you are just starting out or have taken a break it is important to include what land based positions you have held and/or reasons for taking a break
  • References


  • Always be prepared in every step of the process. This not only means arriving to interviews or meetings on time but also dressing professionally (avoid flashy jewelry, excessive makeup and perfume). Do not show up hungover.
  • Bring an updated CV with all certifications and necessary visas/passports as well as reference letters.
  • Focus on your positives, emphasizing your experience and how it relates to the current position and future growth.
  • Be honest! If you do not know how to do something, take it as an opportunity to express how quick you are to pick up new things or how much you enjoy a challenge. References will be called and background checks will be done so the best thing is to be truthful up front.
  • Before the interview, think about any questions you may have and keep them limited to the job directly such as what is expected of you. Do not focus on the benefits.
  • Following up an interview with a call or email is appreciated.


Your best interest is our main concern. We want you to have the perfect job and the boat to have the perfect crew. There are responsibilities for you to maintain and we uphold our end of the deal as well. Please keep in mind we are on your side. Although a job might not come up right away, building relationships is our goal and we are here for you for the long run!

That being said, please review the following:

  • Notify us of any changes in job status, location, new licenses acquired, etc.
  • Be wise in regard to social media. Captain and crew will search social media to see what they can find about potential crew members i.e. pictures at the bar and partying. Either keep these private or your images respectful and know that your future owner WILL see them. Consider yourself an extension of the boat and act accordingly.
  • Whether temporary or permanent, get to work on time and with a smile.
  • Random drugs tests are the norm on yachts, and drug use has zero tolerance.

Keep your expectations minimal. Hours will be long, guests and owners will be demanding, and stress levels will run high, and you will be expected to remain enthusiastic and professional. The yachting industry is a small world, your actions directly reflect your career potential and negative events can carry repercussions far into the future. You should strive to keep a constant level of maturity, responsibility, and respect for other crew members, owners and guests. Your reputation will stick with you.