No matter what boat you’re working on, some things will always be the same when you’re a stewardess on a charter yacht.

For example, be prepared to always start your day early and finish late.  If there’s one thing charter guests know how to do its keep the interior team busy. Be prepared to have quick dinners and even quicker lunches. For a typical stewardess on charter, your day starts early and waiting for the guests to wake up so you can jump in their cabins and do beds and heads.

From there you may be helping with breakfast service or some housekeeping. Charter guests come in all shapes and sizes so depending on your guests you may spend the afternoon making cocktails on the sun deck or staying on top of wet towels from the watersports. On the best days your guests may want to take a walk to the shops or head to the beach and if you’re lucky you can score some extra downtime!

Depending on the structure of your interior program, you could be on dinner service at nights or turn downs in the cabins. Charter guests can be demanding and at times it can be overwhelming. Our best advice to you would be to stay positive, maintain an optimistic attitude and when you feel like giving up just think of that fat charter tip waiting for you at the end!