Cotton Crews advertises a range of the most exclusive yacht Captain jobs. Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent roles, from 20 to 80+ meters, we’ll find you a yacht that you’re proud to Captain.

How to apply for yacht Captain jobs

Browsing our website is one way to discover yacht Captain jobs, or for job hunting on-the-move our free Cotton Crew Jobs app is best. Download it on your Apple or Android phone, make an account and select ‘Available’ to make your profile visible to hiring owners and boat management companies. Our positions span privately owned yachts and charter Captain jobs.

So how does it work? Cotton Crews is a Florida-based yacht crew agency unlike most others. Our app shows you the most relevant yacht Captain jobs in your area, depending on your skills and experience, and connects you with owners or management agencies looking to hire for your role at any time of the day. Once you have the Cotton Crew Jobs app downloaded, finding your dream superyacht Captain job really is as easy as clicking on our icon and scrolling through.

“Cotton Crews app has been the best app for finding yacht work. The work Cotton Crews does is amazing and it was the perfect place to go for crew placement.”

Charter and private yacht Captain jobs that mean no more compromise

Our yacht Captain jobs typically start in South Florida, New England, the Caribbean or the Med – the jumping off point for anywhere from the stunning islands of Croatia to Antigua’s enchanting coves. Our charter and private yacht Captain jobs encompass all sizes of yacht and superyacht, suitable for every level of experience.

Megayacht Captains have command over an entire vessel, developing meaningful relationships with owners and helping their crew grow from strength to strength. All the while, you’ll be cruising between some of the world’s most beautiful spots. An extremely rewarding position with a generous salary to match.

Resources to help you get ahead

Charter and private yacht Captain jobs require someone who is highly experienced in the boating industry, usually having worked their way up through the ranks. If you’re ready to take on your first Captain’s job or want to transition into yachting from the boating or cruise ship industries, we have resources to answer your questions. From the all-important question of how to become a yacht Captain to fun recommendations to give to guests when in New England, let Cotton Crews help you be the best Captain you can be.

We know that private and charter yacht Captain jobs can seem elusive for those who haven’t yet secured this position, but the superyacht industry is full of people working their way up to the top. Who says that shouldn’t be you?

Get selected for those high-profile superyacht roles

Discover our range of yacht jobs and download the Cotton Crew Jobs app: