The First Step to Your Dream Job: Our Guide to the Perfect Yachting CV

Your CV is your first impression and with only 3-6 seconds to grab your future captain’s attention, you want to make it PERFECT! No need to fret; we’re here to help.

Yachting is a highly competitive industry. When a captain requests a need for Crew they are met with sometimes more than 15 CVs for that one position. So think of your CV as your first line of defense against the others. Your CV should be a personal advertisement showing the captain why you are most qualified.


“When looking at a stack of CV’s I thin the pile by trashing the ones I don’t like the look of.”

Format is an essential component of the perfect CV. If a Captain finds the format of your CV confusing, busy or hard to read you are at great risk of meeting his trashcan. Here are some general format tips to help avoid that:

  • Personal Information:
    • Name
    • Nationality
    • Languages Spoken
    • Birth date
  • Passport/ Visa
  • Tattoos/ Health
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Home Address
CV Example
    • Objectives:
      Tell a little about yourself, your personality and why you would benefit the existing crew!
    • Certificates/ Qualifications:
      List your qualifications in order of highest first. Include anything relevant to the position you are applying for. Make sure to include the issuing establishments (MCA/RYA/USCG/IYT/PADI etc.)
  • Employment Experience:
    Make sure to start with your most recent position. Try to be detailed but keep it brief, in total two or three lines. Make sure to mention if it was a private or charter yacht and give a concise idea of the itinerary.
    If you are just starting out or have taken a break it is important to include what land based positions youhave held and/or reasons for taking a break.
  • References:
    It is best to have pre-written references in word or .pdf format, that way we can send your CV, documents, and references out as quickly as possible.

Picture Perfect

“The first CV’s to go are the one’s with no photos”

Your CV photo serves as the only visual in your resume (unless you’re a chef). You want to make sure your photo portrays(depicts) you as just what the captain is looking for!

Photo tips to make you picture perfect:

  • Use a headshot of good quality and appropriate size. SMILE.
  • Look Smart!
    A white collared shirt or uniform will usually do the job.
  • Do not be outrageous!
    Consider your hairstyle as well as one’s make up, you want to look beautiful but still natural (no divas!)
  • Consider your background!
    You don’t want your photo to look like a mug shot but you also don’t want a distracting background. A simple photo in the shipyard or on the dock usually works best.
  • Lastly
    When attaching the image keep the file size below 100kb