Want to cook up a (metaphorical!) storm while traveling the world? Cotton Crews is serving up some of the industry’s most exclusive private yacht chef jobs.

How to apply for yacht chef jobs

We display all of our chef jobs on yachts on our website, but to browse on mobile and be ready to apply, download our free Cotton Crew Jobs app. Find it on the App Store or Google Play, hit download, register your new account and get searching. Once you’re happy with your profile, don’t forget to select ‘Available’ to ensure Owners and Captains can see you. With a range of private, charter and rotation roles updated every day, finding private yacht chefs jobs has never been simpler.

Using location alongside your skills and experience, the Cotton Crew Jobs app shows only the most relevant opportunities for you, saving you time filtering out roles. Our app is a cut above other methods of finding chef jobs on yachts, such as Facebook or crew hire sites, as it connects you with Captains and Owners looking to hire at any time of the day or night. This means whether you’re leaving the kitchen at midnight after a long, gruelling shift or up bright and early to prep for a breakfast, there may well be new employers waiting for you on the app. Our luxury yacht crew agency is also based near yachting hub Fort Lauderdale, meaning we are available to meet with candidates as needed.

“Cotton Crews app has been the best app for finding yacht work. The work Cotton Crews does is amazing and it was the perfect place to go for crew placement.”

Our chef jobs on yachts are the stuff of dreams

Want to see the world while doing what you love? Our yacht chef jobs offer the opportunity to work and travel around the world – from the lively Balearic Islands, to the blissful Maldives and awe-inspiring Arctic, on yachts from 20 to 80+ meters. From galley assistant to head chef positions with enviable salaries, we have it all.

Private yacht chef jobs offer the chance to cook exotic new recipes every week, trying your hand at new cuisines and styles. A crucial position on the vessel, pivotal in the happiness of everyone onboard, there can be nothing better than knowing you’re satisfying the taste buds of some of the world’s elite – and your crewmates of course! What’s more, you’ll have access to some of the best quality, freshest ingredients, from seafood that landlocked chefs only dream of to the highest-grade beef cuts. This is your chance to be inspired and create culinary masterpieces every day of the week.

Your recipe to success is right here

Chef jobs on yachts can seem unattainable, but when it comes to yachting careers there’s nothing that Cotton Crews can’t help you achieve. Whether you’re looking to transition from the luxury hotel or restaurant business, or to progress from cooking for crew to head chef, we have all the information you need. From busting superyacht job myths to showing you how to make a stand-out yachting CV, we are here to help your dream a reality. Our expert team has countless years of experience placing talented cooks into private yacht chef jobs – let us help to answer your questions.

Making your Cotton Crews profile stand out from the crowd

Those are our tips for how to use the Cotton Crew Jobs app, but your success and ability to justify a top-level salary also comes down to the skills and experience you write about.

Chef jobs on yachts need someone who can master dishes from all around the globe, thriving under pressure and being flexible to adapt menus to Owners’ or guests’ desires. So, make sure to include all your most prestigious positions and talk about times when you have created a masterpiece out of a stressful situation. Showing awareness of how to cater to different diets, health trends and religious requirements will also give you an edge over competitors. Master of the galley, here you come!

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